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Ciarán Leech is a chartered Quantity Surveying practice Founded in 2005 by Ciarán Leech, we provide a range of construction cost expertise for all sectors within the construction industry in Ireland. We provide financial and commercial support to clients at all stages of development. The unique range of services provided, focuses on Quantity Surveying, Cost Consulting, Accountancy and Financial planning.  Our experience covers the entire spectrum of construction development. We are situated in Kinnegad Co. Westmeath on the junction of the M6 and the M4 motorways - two of Ireland's main east–west roads. It is roughly 60 km from Dublin

We have a highly qualified team whom are committed to providing an exceptional service to our clients. We participate in construction projects providing services such as design economics, cost analysis, cost planning, cost feasibility and cost control. Construction projects tendered through the practice include both public sector and private sector such as schools, churches, offices, Health Care, development projects and housing projects. We provide a full range of Quantity Surveying/Building Cost and Financial Consultancy services across a wide range of market sectors. We pride ourselves on providing professional services incorporating 20 years of experience in the cost consulting industry.

Our aim is to provide our Clients with value for money and to work in harmony with both the Client and Design Team to meet their objectives, which is typically to ensure their project is completed within the budget parameters agreed by the project team. At Ciarán Leech we offer our clients a professional approach and efficient service that is tailored to their specific needs. Our core aim is to ensure cost effectiveness at every stage of the construction process and to provide independent, impartial and trustworthy advice to our clients. We’re proud to say that the success of this commitment has been proven time and again through repeat business. Ciarán Leech offer a full range of services including cost management, project management and funder advisory services. Our team has an excellent reputation supporting local and international clients across all sectors in Ireland.

In summary, Ciarán Leech has the resources, expertise and local knowledge to successfully undertake any prestigious project while we also, through our involvement at national level, can keep the client and design team colleagues informed of “macro” issues and their potential impact on the contract.


As a company, Ciarán Leech are committed to Quality to ensure customer satisfaction. The nature of our business places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, reliability and quality. We will provide our services in a manner that conforms to contractual requirements and it is the policy of Ciarán Leech to establish and maintain an effective and efficient quality assurance programme planned and developed along with other management functions.

In preparing and communicating Ciarán Leech quality policy a risk-based thinking approach is taken to determine our strength, weaknesses opportunity and threats. This requires us to assess who our interested parties are and take into account their needs and expectations.

As continuous improvement is an integral part of our philosophy for the ongoing development of the company, quality goals and objectives will be set and reviewed. The company is committed to supplying only the best solutions to our customers whilst complying with regulatory and legal requirements. This quality policy will be reviewed at regular intervals by Ciarán Leech Management to ensure continuing high standards and compliance to our QMS. The quality team has ensured that all objectives have been established at relevant functions and levels within the organisation. The objectives are measurable and consistent with the quality policy.

Performance indicators will be calculated annually and presented at the management review meeting by the management representative. Performance will be assessed against targets set at the previous management review meeting and new targets set for the next management review meeting. Top management shall ensure that there is evidence of Quality Planning throughout the Company’s main activities. Quality Planning shall take the form of documented procedures and support documents which will describe the approach to, and operation of the Company’s core business activities and services.

If a particular process warrants it, a quality plan in the form of a documented procedure with supporting forms shall be developed. The integrity of the QMS will be maintained when changes to the QMS are planned and implemented

  • Chartered Quantity Surveyors
  • Construction Cost Consultants
  • Project managers
Check. They're Chartered. - Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, RICS
Check. They're Chartered. - Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, RICS
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